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Ethical breaches on Social Media (Facebook) among healthcare professionals.


Nneka brigit Duenas,
Angelli Duhaylungsod,
Aaliah Marie Dy,
Krizelle Grace Grado,
Adrian Cris Monteclar,
Mitchell Murallon,
Raven Patrick Najeal,
Fel Marc Tabanao,
Mary Antoiniette Uriarte,
Jeanette Yecyec

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School of Medicine - University of Cebu - Banilad Campus - University of Cebu

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This study observed social media posts done by Healthcare professionals. This study aimed to observe social media breaches done by healthcare professionals.

The entire observation was done in the span of fifteen (15) days. Eight (8) observers were assigned daily to go through Facebook from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Of the 23,382 posts collected in the span of the fifteen-day data collection period, 3.02% of the posts were health care related, and 12.62% of these health care related posts were breaches. Of these breaches the most common type of breach is tied between: Breach 2 (37.07%), a breach about sharing photographs of patient encounters without asking for the patient's consent.

This data that there is still a level of non-compliance to ethical standards among health care professionals in the way they make use of social networking services. This non- compliance could cause a strain in patient-provider relations in a sense that patients would begin to question the safety and confidentiality of their health information, and that they would also start questioning the credibility of the information that they receive from health care providers.


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