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Exploratory study on social media use by physicians in Cebu City.


Ezza Christelle Alerta,
Wil Van Armecin,
Antonio Raphael Binosa,
Ian Lemuel Cabe,
Kalillah Denyce Escarda,
Aubrey Marie Jangad,
Christian Jao,
Leona Christine Lavador,
Phoebe Kates Monterde,
Allanys Joy Pino,
Kirsty Jeanne Pumares,
Trisha Nicole Mae Roxas

Related Institution

School of Medicine - University of Cebu - Banilad Campus - University of Cebu

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
June 2018


Introduction: Due to the advancement of technology, the use of Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, and many more has opened avenues for quick and convenient access to information and communication. The field of Medicine is privy to this emerging practice especially in more developed countries such as the United States. this study aimed to explore whether this kind of emerging practice can be applied to the Cebu City setting.

Methods: The study had ten (10) participants with the following inclusion criteria: (1) current practicing and licensed medical doctor, (2) maintained a doctor- patient relationship, and (3) Cebu City-based medical practitioner. The data was collected through a semi- structured interview which consisted of 13 guide questions pertaining to Social Media use on Health Information and Health Communication. The data collected was interpreted using Qualitative Content Analysis.

Results: Different themes on Social Media use were identified: (1) Social Media User, (2) Caution towards Health Communication on Social Media (3) Juvenile Provisions on Social Media Use, (4) Viability and Positive Reception, and (5) Prudence on the Security of Physicians and their Medical Practice.

Conclusion: This research encourages future researchers to study this subject matter more in-depth and gather a more saturated data.


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University of Cebu - School of Medicine T/Al25ex/2018/c.1 Abstract Print Format
University of Cebu - School of Medicine T/Al25ex/2018/c.2 Abstract Print Format

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