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Knowledge and attitudes on newborn screening among expectant mothers in birthing home facilities in Mandaue City.


Aileen Jeanne Alcantara,
Mary Adeline Therese Castillo,
Maureen Angela Codilla,
Nikko Dajao,
Paul Karlo Dosdos,
Andrew Christian Escaño,
Krista May Jarolan,
Marie Louise Jumawan,
Angel May Magaway,
Lorrien Thea Sabijon,
Renzo Martin Ybañez

Related Institution

School of Medicine - University of Cebu - Banilad Campus - University of Cebu

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
June 2018


Introduction: Newborn Screening is the practice of testing every newborn with simple procedures to find out if the infant has a congenital metabolic disorder that may lead to mental retardation or even death when left untreated. It aids in the early identification and timely intervention of such conditions and leads to the reduction of morbidity, mortality and associated disabilities in affected neonates. More than 20 disorders are screened in the newly updated newborn screening program.

Methods: For two weeks, expectant mothers in seven birthing home facilities in Mandaue City, regardless of their age of gestation and gravidity and those who are having their prenatal check-ups in the identified birthing homes, are gauged of their knowledge and attitude towards newborn screening. A quantitative descriptive- correlational design on expectant mothers' attributes and knowledge and compliance to Newborn screening is employed in the study with variables clustered into: 1) Socio- demographic profile, 2) Sources of information regarding the newborn screening, 3) knowledge on newborn screening, and 4) attitudes on newborn screening. A relationship between the variables listed is determined in the study. Standardized questionnaires from two different studies, namely "Expectant Mothers' and Mothers Awareness on Newborn Screening in the Largest Barangay of Catbalogan City, Philippines" by Rosales, et. al. (2015) and "Knowledge and Attitudes of Mothers toward Newborn Screening Test in Baghdad City" by Twfeeq and Abed (2016) are adapted in the study. The questionnaire was developed to determine the expectant mother's knowledge towards concepts related to newborn screening and to determine their attitudes towards Newborn screening.

Results: Respondents' age, age of gestation, gravidity, number of prenatal check-ups attended, civil status, and trimesters of pregnancy have bearings on knowledge on newborn screening among expectant mothers. In addition, age, age of gestation, monthly income, trimesters of pregnancy, and employment status have a significant association with attitudes towards newborn screening And sources of information pertaining to Newborn Screening have no influence with regards to both knowledge and attitude on newborn screening.


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